This is a little story the Australian TV Station ABC-Behind the News produced, promoting my 22 min film PLASTIC ALARM being shown in schools. If you want to screen my film in your school or other event please scroll down.


Student learning and telling story through video!  We need films like that, which support the project development, called the sustainability action process. It works for both a learning and a leadership approach. Sustainability is now a Cross-curriculum Priority and the preferred method is student-centred, project-based.

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Option 1:

$100 Screening License for Schools and public screenings

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DONATE screening of the film TO SCHOOLS

Incursion: PLASTIC FREE BOY comes to your school.

Schools book me to come to present my film to their students to create more impact. I have just been to a few big schools, 2 big schools in Brisbane recently. Although I cannot attend all screenings, I can come to some or Skype in. That's fun too.

Individual screening.

This film has cost a lot of time and effort. Please give a contribution, which goes towards the funding of my ongoing campaign. (more videos etc.)

Option 2: Win-Win

Screening License for Schools and Communities to create Impact. 

$5/child/person. 50% of the proceeds with the school or community to improve your waste management. 

Testimonial for Option 1 :  The students and staff at our school were inspired by the Plastic Alarm film, as well as  the words Arlian, ‘the Plastic Free Boy’, shared with us. As a community we will be following up with a school based initiative that reflects working towards a plastic free environment. Thank you Arlian, for sharing your passion and initiative with us! Margo Carwardine, Principal of St.Peter Chanel Primary School

Testimonial:  We are all from Middle T (grade 3 and 4) at St. Oliver Plunketts in Victoria. We would like to thank you for making a movie about pollution and ways to help save our beautiful animals, especially the turtles. You have really inspired all of us to try and reduce the amount of plastic we use and also to convince our families and other members of our community to do the same. Thank you for trying to make the world we live in a better place. We hope you succeed on your mission to protect our sea life. Stay turtally cool!


The way we would like schools to present our film, is by purchasing the WIN WIN option: $5/child license fee to see the film. 50% of this money stays with the school to invest and improve their waste management. Ideally replacing single use plastic with reusable solutions. Kids that are interested in becoming 'Plastic Free Boy Representatives' in school can write to him. 2 kids selected will involved in the decision on how the money is spent: The school gives them options to choose from.

This empowerment shows Education through Leadership and Action, which leads to the desired positive Impact in the Environment. We hope to find inspired teachers and schools that take on this model, leading with us a movement of change. We can roll it out everywhere.

Learning Outcomes based on Curriculum:             

This film is the perfect catalyst for students to look at the issue of plastic waste and then develop some strategies around reductions, avoidance, reducing plastic litter in school/the street - waterways - ocean. With an easy call to action for reducing plastic use and waste."

Learning for sustainability seeks to enable and empower students to make decisions and take actions that contribute to creating a sustainable society and ecosystem.

Project-based learning allows students to develop knowledge and understanding from multiple subjects. This helps them to apply this in the context of their school, classroom and local environment.” 

Mark Caddey, Senior Project Officer, Sustainable Communities, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage

Want to be a leading school like this school?

 Thanks for your support. If you are a school that has ideas in how to involve yourself with our campaign after screening our film, we would love to hear from you. It takes all sorts of creative and innovative ideas to make this movement fun and empowering for us all.

When I found out that plastic pollution kills 100 000 animals in the ocean, I asked myself: What can I say to make people care about how plastic effects marine life. So I made the  22 min film PLASTIC ALARM with my mum, who is a professional film maker. It has been a lot of work but I am glad to see my message getting into schools, educating kids all over the world and empowering them to make good decisions for their future. The film begins with 3 sea turtle being released back into the ocean. I speak with children from different schools, countries and interview Role Models i.e.: Surfer and Activist Dave Rastovich, scientists etc. Let's make a social and environmental Impact on a global Level! JOIN ME.


This film is aimed to become an international resource for schools, showing global solutions. The involvement of different children from different nations ensures a global vision. The film is designed towards the curriculum of different grades, suitable to be used as part of cross curriculum sustainability subjects.
The films enable and empower students to make decisions and take actions that contribute to  creating a sustainable society and ecosystem. Our Project based learning focus allows students to develop knowledge and understanding from multible subjects and helps them apply this in the context of their school, classroom and local environment.


- to educate kids about the problem of Plastic pollution as well as showing them applied solutions.  
- to inspire kids to take steps towards changing habits and implementing steps towards a more plastic free lifestyle. 
- to involve kids in activities, projects or campaigns - connecting them already organised activities. e.g. petitions, beach clean ups ..
- to connect them to each other via school Skype meetings and virtual team work. They are creating their own vision and projects becoming future leaders.


1. Schools"Thank you so much for sharing our film. The children obviously really enjoyed watching it and it certainly got them thinking about plastic waste. I think having a child featuring in it made it feel more real, that the issue is here in our community and there is something that we can do to make a positive change." 
2.  Youth Centres
3. Environmental Organisations 
4. Environmental Festivals
5.  Ministry of Environment in Austria, called 'Generation Blue', a kids/youth platform.
 6. Social Media Campaign. 

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My mother is a professional Film Maker

As a professional film maker, who has made films for educational purposes before. Together we are again about a topic that concerns us all. She is helping me to make this film and to reach a global audience.

She has made a film like this before

She is an international film maker. She gets help from her friends in the ocean as soon as she is doing something for them.
We are all in this together. Her passion is on social and environmental issues.  2004 she mad a documentary called 'Children of the Sea' with children in the Bahamas. (Funded by the Department of Education in Austria), Greenpeace was a partner in the film and used for the International Ocean Conference in Italy. This film is being used as an educational resource in Europe since 2005.
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